Fix Scapular Winging (Advanced Exercises)

how to fix scapular winging winged scapula exercises

To fix scapular winging, the first thing you need to understand is the anatomy that attaches to the scapula. The most common injury with a winged scapula happens to the Serratus Anterior muscle and in this video I show you 2 advanced winged scapula exercises that focus on the function of that muscle. The serratus…

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How to Fix Winged Scapula (5 Exercises)

In this video I discuss a condition called Winged Scapula aka Scapula Winging. This condition is caused by an injury to the long thoracic nerve. This nerve innervates the Serratus Anterior muscle which is responsible for maintaining the shoulder blades attached to the rib cage. When the Serratus Anterior muscle is weak, the scapula protrudes…

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