How to Correct a Scoliosis with Exercises

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A postural scoliosis is caused by an imbalance in musculature between the left and right sides of your back. This imbalance pulls the spine toward the stronger side and creates a deformity of the spine which can cause pain and misalignments in the spine, shoulders, and pelvis.

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3 Tips for the Treatment of Torticollis

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In this video I talk about spasmodic torticollis aka wry neck and the two main muscles affected. Those muscles are the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius. When either of those two muscles involuntarily contract, they can move the head in several directions.  To relieve the spasms at home you must do 3 things:

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A lack of pain DOES NOT mean you’re healthy

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In this short video, I answer a question I get asked over and over again.  That question is “how long do I have to continue exercising or getting treatment for my pain/problem?”.   The majority of people are used to only taking care of themselves whenever a pain or problem arises.  In other words, people…

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