How to PREVENT Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Tension Headaches

Atlanta Chiropractor - Neck pain relief

If you’re a student or have a desk job, you’ve probably complained of neck pain, tension headaches, and a lot of tension in the shoulders. Looking down for several hours a day can put a lot of stress on the neck muscles and the cervical spine. Over time this can lead to premature degeneration of…

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Lose weight, feel great, hurt less

how to lose weight atlanta

One of the biggest reasons why people hurt all the time is because they fail to exercise or make healthy food choices due to their lack of time or knowledge about nutrition.   So instead of looking and feeling great, many of us settle for quick fixes, being overweight, and unhealthy choices because we don’t have enough hours…

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Cervical Traction for Herniated Disc Relief

Atlanta herniated disc relief

When you’re suffering from a herniated disc in the neck, gravity is one of your biggest enemies.  As gravity pushes your head down, your discs are compressed and that presses on structures around the disc such as nerves.  This can cause sharp pain, numbness and tingling in the hands, and/or radiating pain from the neck…

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